Welcome to the Inclusion through Mediation Good Practice Guide on Intercultural Mediation.

The Good Practice Guide on intercultural mediation is the product of identifying and analysing different institutional and individual initiatives, projects and European programmes developed across European countries and Turkey. The common element among those various initiatives is that all of them focus on or have an essential component related to intercultural mediation.

Intercultural mediation takes place in a wide range of cultural, social and economic contexts through different, innovative and adaptative interventions, as the good practices identified in the guide show.

In this regard, strategies for action are also being developed in different dimensions ranging from classical and formal mediation to social intervention, including social awareness.

In the social intervention dimension, intercultural mediation is a key strategy for social inclusion and cohesion that contributes to supporting the prevention of conflicts; mutual understanding and knowledge among parties with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs; supporting knowledge of rights; and access to services.

Our Guide is a useful resource because it:

  1. Facilitates impact and capacity of intercultural mediation practices to modify the status quo (contributing to social change and social justice).
  2. Provides good examples of mediation as a tool for conflict resolution in community conflicts and promotion of social inclusion of migrants and refugees.
  3. Introduces and recognizes both formal and non-formal mediation activities or projects as a tool for mutual knowledge, social cohesion and peaceful conflict resolution strategies.

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