Include Me Innovative Training Course

Welcome to the INCLUDE ME Open Education Resources!

These resources encourage teachers, and adult/community educators to integrate intercultural peer-to-peer mediation education into their organization’s activities and the training currently offered to learners. They are created for higher education teachers, particularly those working in continuing education departments and outreach roles, and will be of relevance to higher education managers and migrant education stakeholders.

Please watch the video to find out exactly how and why you should use these resources.

You have come to the right place if you:

  • are interested in learning about non-formal peer-to- peer mediation among communities, refugees and activists,
  • you are a volunteer, new community member, learner, or community educator, higher institution educator.

Through our educational materials we have 3 main aims:

Create a transformative and sustainable approach to the delivery of mediation education, promoting peer to peer mediation within communities.

To create resources which provide educators with new knowledge and skills to improve their delivery of mediation education.

Ensure high quality materials are available for FREE for all!

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