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The Inclusion Through Mediation Project aims to empower learners, activists and migrants to become peer-to-peer mediators in their communities and their wider area.

“The task of the mediator is to help the parties to open difficult issues and nudge them forward in the peace process. The mediator’s role combines those of a ship’s pilot, consulting medical doctor, midwife and teacher.”

Martti Ahtisaari

“Therefore the great mediator of any community is human morality.”

Armstrong Williams

The Europe 2020 goals for a more inclusive Europe with higher social integration and community cohesion are more important than ever in light of increasing societal tension, linked to the economic crisis, immigration & refugee crisis and increasing multi-ethnicity communities etc. In June 2018 the UNHCR stated that there were 70 million people who has been forcibly displaced as a result of conflicts, violence and human rights violations. In recent years, Turkey and Spain have been well known to have taken in vast number of refugees.