One of the examples of Good Practices included in the IncludeMe Good Practice Guide is a mediation service in the historical center of Zaragoza, Spain. This service provides a holistic approach to mediation for the people living in the neighborhood. The service aims to positively transform social behavior through an alternative approach to conflict resolution, which includes:

  • prevention and awareness campaigns;
  • helping raise awareness to the needs of the community;
  • disseminating information on mediation.

Scholarships are also granted for mediation training activities for community agents, and community and interpersonal mediation. By promoting mediation at different levels and by developing plans for peaceful coexistence, the program  has not only impacted the surrounding community in several positive ways, but it has also shown itself to be highly sustainable. This is due to the coordination between the participants, the program’s associative network and public administration. For these and other reasons, like sustaining the idea that, through mediation, everyone can introduce changes in their behavior and become mediators themselves, this project could be transferred to other contexts. The program is conducted by the AMEDIAR organization in Zaragoza and aims to benefit the people living in the neighborhood of Zaragoza’s historical center.