Good Practice – the SoVe (Sovittelu Verkossa) Project – Finland

The changing nature of everyday life under the COVID-19 pandemic has also meant a change in the nature of conflict and the ways to mediate them.

To provide widespread access to mediation at a low starting point was already a clear need before the pandemic struck. Now the need has just increased for these services to be more accessible online to populations across a territory.

The Finnish Forum for Mediation’s ( SoVe Project aimed at addressing that need for accessible conflict mediation by providing conceivably all people living in Finland a series of online tools to access mediation when face-to-face meetings are not possible. This included an online chat function and video meetings where people in need may find advice and guidance on the handling of conflicts, and even mediation through these talks.

The nationwide availability of this service could very likely be transferred to other nations due to the decentralized nature of its operations. Find out more at:

More info on the project can also be found on Facebook, Instagram, or in their podcast (in Finnish) available on SoundCloud.