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What is Policy?

  • Policy is a set of values and objectives that guide the work of organisations and bodies.
  • This includes, for example:
    • National Government policies
    • European Union policies.
  • Policy is important because it tells us what organisations and bodies plan to achieve and how they will be guided in their work.

To communicate with authority, we need to understand the policy context/the big picture. The power of being ‘on message’ with policy gives credibility to your message.

Government policy

  • Government policy tells us what the Government’s priorities are and what it plans to accomplish.
  • It sets out the commitments it is making on a range of different issues. For example: education and training, employment, mental health, the rights of people with disabilities, migration and so forth.

How does your message link to policies?

The messages and activities that take place as part of migrants’ mediation ad advocacy can help to achieve national inclusion and integration policy objectives.

For Example:

Policies should support initiatives that promote active citizenship of migrants
Your message can connect migrants and decision makers to ensure that migrants have a voice in decision-making that affects their lives
Your messages could feed into the needs analysis for any migrant inclusion and integration strategies as well as general development strategies at local, national and international levels

Example of Policies

The Migrant Integration Strategy

(Ireland, national level +  local levels – each county benefits from having one)

EU temporary protection for displaced persons

This infographic collates questions and answers on temporary protection, including who can benefit from it, their rights and the duration of the mechanism: