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Eurovision winners 2022 as mediators of peace

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Eurovision winners sing at Polish border on way back to Ukraine:

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“Mediation is another word for FRIENDSHIP. Migrant Community Mediators provide friendship though many different forms.”

– Migrant Community Mediators project team

Refugee and migrant children create mural to promote unity, peace and friendship in Greece

Artists Achilleas Souras and Alice Pasquini join forces with UNICEF to raise awareness on the situation of refugee and migrant children in Greece

Olga Siokou – Siova

The Migrant’s Reply

By Indran Amirthanayagam

We have been running for so long. We are tired. We want to rest. We don’t want to wake up tomorrow and pack our bags. We have gone 10,000 miles. We have boarded a row boat, tug boat, bus, freight train. We have a cell phone and some bread. Our eyes are dry. Our breath needs washing. What next? You are putting up a wall on your Southern flank? What an irony. The country that accepts refugees does not want us. We qualify. We have scars and our host governments hunted

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Example of Mediation through Creating a Movement

New Women Connectors is an initiative led by migrant and refugee women who have mobilised themselves in becoming a collective movement, demonstrating what the strength of unity and the power of raising one’s voice can do. Their aim is to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities refugee and migrant women face in Europe, through facilitated platforms of discussion, thus creating a shift in communities and policy at large.

Migrant Community Mediation through SPORTS

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Official statics say that “at least” 86%  of Rosengärd (a city district in the center of Malmö Municipality, Sweden) residents were of foreign origin, the unemployment rate up to 60% and that 71% of the children were living in relative poverty. School results were among the worst in the country  and the crime rate, one of the highest.

This is where, to migrant parents from Bosnia, a boy was born in 1981. His name is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Facing dificult circumstances in his childhood, the boy grew up to become one of the biggest foodbal players of all time, overcoming many obstacles and becoming a role model, especially for many young people with a migrant background.

Link to his book I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic : Zlatan Ibrahimovic : 9780241966839 (

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The trailer for the the documentary “Ibrahimovic – from Rosengård more than one goal”

“Nobody believed I could do it. Everybody was trash‑talking. They thought I will go away because I have a big mouth. They thought this guy’s vision is crazy. It will not happen. But I had these dreams of where I would end up. And now here I am.”

-Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for the Guardian

Example – Techfugees:

Empowering displaced people with technology

Techfugees is an impact driven global organisation nurturing a sustainable ecosystem of tech solutions supporting the inclusion of displaced people.

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mediation through food and volunteering

Find out more about Ellie Kisyombe – from volunteer community lead projects, to elections, click HERE

Main conclusions to this module


-is your friend

Get to know relevant policies


Create your vision and give yourself time to craft your message


There are many ways and formats

Use the tools created to support you


No better way to speak up than through arts and sports

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